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UIDAI to generate solar power for its data centres

New Delhi, Dec 12 (KNN)  Living up to its name and offering a unique solution for meeting its energy requirements, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is working on plans to set up its own grid connected solar power generating plant at Manesar near here and in Bengaluru.

“This non- conventional source of energy will reduce the burden on conventional sources. It is, therefore, prudent to provide grid connected solar power generating system to generate electricity from solar system to meet the electrical load requirement of the building whilst remaining connected to the electrical network,” UIDAI said in a notification.

A grid connected system will run in parallel to grid (LT Bus) rather than separate to it, will supplement the electric energy generated from Solar during sunny days, thus saving the conventional energy, it added.

In this context, the Director General, UIDAI seeks a Solar Power Plant Implementation Agency (SPPIA) to develop state of art, energy efficient, solar generating plant.

The agency will enable UIDAI to select a SPPIA for implementing, operation and maintenance of UIDAI’s own grid connected solar power generating plant for each of the data centre complexes at Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru Region.

The agency will also be required to do five years on-site maintenance of all the solar power generation plant and its components supplied in setting up the basic infrastructure for the proposed grid connected solar power generating plant. 

UIDAI, also known as “Aadhaar” has been created by the Government of India as an attached office under the Planning Commission. UIDAI is being headed by the co-founder of Infosys, Nandan Nilekani.

Its role is to develop and implement the necessary institutional, technical and legal infrastructure to issue Unique identity numbers to Indian residents.