Uttar Pradesh government launches liquor for poor

NOIDA: To check liquor smuggling, the Uttar Pradesh government today launched a liquor for Rs 25 a quarter for poor. 

It will be available only at select outlets at border areas, Excise Department officials said. 

"At present, a quarter bottle of country liquor in Uttar Pradesh costs Rs 45. It has 36 per cent liquor content. Poor man in order to buy cheap liquor go to 
Haryana to buy quarter bottle for Rs 30. It has liquor content of 28 per cent. 

"Suppliers, besides providing smuggled liquor also adulterate it to earn extra money which may prove fatal to consumers," District 
Excise Officer Kuldeep Yadav said. 

"Poor do not bother about percentage of alcohol content. Price is the only consideration for them. From April 1, liquor prices have been hiked by 15 per cent. Country liquor price is hiked by Rs 5 per quarter and it now cost to Rs 50 per quarter. However, with the launch of poor man's liquor, they don't have to buy liquor from Haryana. It has liquor content of 25 per cent," he said. 

The department hope that the plan will work and liquor smuggling will be reduced considerably, Yadav said. 

The outlets are likely to open at Dankaur, Jewar, Jhundpura among others.