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Vibrant Gujarat to foster backward-forward linkages for MSMEs to enhance competitiveness: CM Patel

Chief Minister of Gujarat while  speaking about the summit, Vibrant Gujarat he said that apart from attracting  huge investments in the manufacturing and service sector, the government is  also focusing on the growth of MSME sector in the state. 

In his interaction with Economic Times, Chief Minister Patel said, “MSMEs are  the backbone of our state. Our focus is on creating forward/backward linkages  and cost competitiveness, to reduce cost of production and also enable us to  cater to international markets at competitive prices.” 

He spoke about the Gujarat MSME Act 2019, stating that under this act  MSMEs in the state can start their production without any clearance from the  concerned departments for three years. 

Pre-summit events such as „Local goes Global?, international conference on  textiles, agro, startups etc., will be held in December, said CM Patel. 

Flagship events on initiatives introduced by Central government such as PM  GatiShakti, production-linked incentive (PLI), renewable energy and many  more will be hosted by the summit. 

To promote the upcoming edition of Vibrant Gujarat, CM Patel is expected to  visit Dubai to promote the summit.


The Vibrant Gujarat summit will be held from 10th to 12th January, 2022 in  Gandhinagar, Gujarat.