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VLCC to open 100 outlets in next 2 yrs; plans to enter Africa

NEW DELHI: Wellness and beauty companyVLCC today said it plans to open 100 new outlets in both domestic and international markets, including Africa, in the next two years as part of an expansion programme. 

"We are planning to grow our centres in India as well as globally. Our aim is to open 100 more centres in the next two years," VLCC Founder and Mentor 
Vandana Luthra told PTI. 

The expansion is part of the three-year Rs 200 crore investment plan, which the company kick-started last year. 

The company currently has a total of 300 outlets comprising beauty and slimming centres, nutrition institutes and exclusive beauty zones in 16 countries. It is eyeing to enter new markets in 
Africa and South East Asia. 

In India VLCC has around 170 centres and it plans to add another 30 outlets in the next two years. 

"Apart from the countries we are present currently, we are looking at countries like Singapore and Indonesia in South East Asia. We are also looking to enter North Africa and East Africa with both our products as well as services businesses," VLCC Managing Director 
Sandeep Ahuja said. 

VLCC, which operates a mix of company-owned and franchise outlets, is eyeing 20 per cent growth year-on-year on back of its expansion. 

"We have been growing 20 per cent year-on-year for the last couple of years and we would like to maintain that growth rate in the coming years too," Ahuja said. 

He, however, did not share financial details. The company would also be expanding its product range in the near future, he added. 

"The plan is to expand our range of functional foods. We are also looking to enter
nutraceutical segment later this year," Ahuja said.