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Webinar on effects of pandemic on MSME held

All Manipur Entrepreneurs' Association (AMEA) in collaboration with Department of Trade, Commerce and Industries, MSME-DI organised a webinar on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on MSME sector and its solutions on Tuesday.

In all, 75 entrepreneurs attended the webinar which was organised under the theme of "Impact on MSME by Covid-19 second wave and its solution".

MU Central for Entrepreneurship and Skill Development (CESD) director professor Dr Ch Ibohal moderated the webinar wherein discussions were held on topics of manpower management, marketing and finance, etc.

ten expert panelists shared their respective opinions on the said topics.

Speaking at the webinar, Department of Trade, Commerce and Industries director L Bikram expressed belief that the webinar will help in providing effective solutions, while stressing the need for holding similar webinars from time to time.

The points put forward during the webinar could be discussed in detail and conveyed to the state and central governments for consideration in formulation of programmes and policies in future, he added.

The webinar was also attended by AMAE president S Rishikumar and MSME-DI director (in charge) TH Baite.