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West Bengal power discom to rope in private sector for efficient SMS delivery service

Kolkata, Dec 21 (KNN) With a view to having better customer relationship management, West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd  (WBSEDCL) wants to rope in the private sector for providing service for regular, timely and faithful delivery of SMS generated through various applications running at its five Zonal Call Centres. 

In this context, WBSEDCL seeks service providers for timely delivery of SMS generated through its five zonal call centres - Berhampore, Burdwan, Kolkata, Midnapore, and Siliguri.

The power distribution company will be sending all SMSs received, through specified secure user account given by the service provider as http document after every few minutes to its destinations.

It will also provide SMS delivery failure information in regular intervals and a web portal along with credential login.

WBSEDCL wants to prepare and submit daily and periodical reports on SMS delivery and provide customized inbox subject line (short transactional code).

Some of the work that the service provider needs to do are - from each of five Zonal Call Centers, data, in delimited text format containing message, unique message ID and recipient’s mobile number would be sent to the service provider in their specified secure user account as http document  every 4 minutes.

The  accumulated  SMSes  as  sent  to  the  service  provider,  would  be  Pushed  to  the recipients  with  a  speed  of  100  tps  (transaction  per second)  after receipt  of  the  http document.  At least three attempts would be made within 3 hours (each attempt would be made after  one  hour)  to resend  the  SMSes,  delivered  unsuccessfully   along  with subsequent three lots of SMSes after the initial attempt.

Every SMS, not delivered, would be identified and failure intimation would be sent back to the related Call Centre as well as given mail ID in specified text format through email, regularly, in periodic interval.