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What it takes to grow your small business?

Do you want to grow your small business? Whenever I ask this question to a small business owner, most of the time the answer is an emphatic "YES". But it's always easier said than done. When it comes to reality, majority of small businesses are not proactive enough about growth. Mental barriers and lack of commitment and planning prevent them from moving forward, and most of them, in fact, fail to see how difficult the transition process could be for a small business.

I think one of the major reasons why many small business owners fail to take their business to the next level is because they fall into the trap of working 'in' their business instead of working 'on' their business. Most of them so much engage themselves into day-to-day operations that they fail to focus on the bigger picture. To avoid this, I think it's very important for small business owners to know when to start delegating and what to delegate, instead of trying to continue doing everything as they did during the start-up phase.

Boredom is also a big enemy. With many small entrepreneurs, the enthusiasm with which they once started their ventures, dies away gradually. They have to do about the same thing every day and gradually the mind becomes lethargic. It is very important that a small business owner keeps feeding his emotional capital -- the passion and positive outlook with which he started the business. And once you have this capital, half the battle is won. The key to growth is not putting more money, but placing higher dimensions of consciousness into your awareness.

But why should you double your strain to double the profit! Many small entrepreneurs find no logic in this, which is again a trap. Growth helps a business not only to earn more profits but it also secures the future of the business, and that's why an entrepreneur should never run away from taking new responsibilities. If you want to exist you have to grow, and if you want to grow, you cannot help but welcome new responsibilities. Taking your business to the next level will certainly make your business more complex, and you have to prepare for that, willingly.

Growth is always good -- even if your small business has already turned out to be a real cash cow. The reason is simple -- no success is permanent. If a small business stops growing, it can easily fall prey to the avalanche of change. But growth does not happen by itself. It needs to be promoted and nurtured. It requires investment, hard work and dedication. What about you? Are you giving enough effort to grow your small business.