Will focus on enhancing MSMEs: CII (North) Chairman Jayant Davar

CHANDIGARH: JayantDavar, who was appointed as the chairman of industry bodyCII (Northern region) today, said the chamber will focus on enhancing the competitiveness of MSMEs, creating North India as a manufacturing hub and skill development in 2013-14 to push economic growth. 

"CII's focus in north will be on enhancing MSME's competitiveness, creating north as manufacturing hub, ensuring sustainable development and achieving inclusivity through skill development," he said here today. 

Davar said attracting 
investments by leveraging sectoral competencies of the northern region will also be another area to revive and accelerate economic growth to 8-9 per cent. 

"Revival of economic growth, in turn, wil provide employment avenues to millions, leading to accomplishment of our overall goal of attaining long term inclusivity, sustainable growth & social development," Davar said here. 

Davar, who is the MD of Gurgaon-based Sandhar Technologies, said four new clusters would also be set up at Ludhiana, Jaipur and Haridwar for enhancing competitiveness and adoption of automation and latest technologies. 

A Hill Development Council, a platform for hill states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand would also be set up to address issues like gaps in infrastructure, lack of connectivity, problems of raw materials availability, limited access to markets among other problems.