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Zoho widens cloud suite of products for SMBs

Helping businesses work online, Zoho - an online IT management and software maintenance and support services provider, has announced the launch of three brand new products for the Indian market. 

"With the introduction of three new products, Zoho Pulse, Vault and Leads, organizations both big and small, can enhance their internal collaboration potential, solve security and password problems and build their sales leads, respectively. With the addition of these new products, we hope to re-affirm our commitment to helping businesses work more effectively, online," Chief Evangelist, Zoho, Raju Vegesna said in a press statement on Wednesday.

The first product is Zoho Pulse, a social networking tool designed to enable enhanced business collaboration within organizations. With Zoho Pulse, a company can establish its own private, social network to encourage communication and collaboration among the entire organization as well as select departments and users. 

Pulse is available in the Professional Edition for $2 per user per month and the Enterprise Edition for $5 per user per month. Zoho Pulse also has a Free Edition! All three editions include iPhone and Android apps. The Free Edition is available for free for unlimited users and supports public groups, but not private ones. 

The second is Zoho Vault, a secure, easy-to-use online password manager for teams and businesses. Zoho Vault establishes a central repository that offers unmatched security and complete data privacy for companies that want to store, organize, manage and safely share their passwords, online credentials, financial records and other sensitive information. 

Zoho Vault is available immediately. The Personal Edition is free and supports one user. The Enterprise Edition is $1 per user per month and supports an unlimited number of users and the iPhone app.

And finally, Zoho Leads, an application designed for the iPhone that can scan attendee badges at events and connect to the CRM system directly. This facilitates an easy way to assign lead owners, take notes and add tasks instantly, even while talking to the lead. 

Zoho is a division of Zoho Corporation a privately-held and profitable company, with offices in California, Austin, New Jersey, Chennai, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing. Zoho offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning on-line business, productivity & collaboration products on the cloud.

Zoho has online products - from CRM to Mail, Office Suite, Project Management, Invoicing, Web conferencing and more, it said.