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Zydus launches diabetes treatment drug Lipaglyn

NEW DELHI: Pharmaceutical entity Zydus group on Monday said it has launched Lipaglyn, its patented new drug for treatment of diabetes. 

Lipaglyn will be available across India and is priced at Rs 25.90 per tablet. It is recommended for once administration of once day as a 4mg tablet, the company said in a statement. 

Commenting on the launch of the drug,
ZydusBSE -2.12 % CadilaBSE -0.81 %Chairman and Managing Director Pankaj R Patel said: "It's a great milestone for Indian pharmaceutical research today as Lipaglyn completes its journey from the lab to the market." 

The drug is marketed by Zydus Discovery, a new division launched to extensively market the original research product of Zydus group's research pipeline. 

Lipaglyn is a drug for treating 
diabetic dyslipidemeia, a condition where a person is diabetic and has elevated levels of total cholesterol. 

In June, the company had said it expected the drug to be a "blockbuster" and clock over USD 1 billion sales a year when it will be sold globally. 

Patel had said the company was in the process of filing applications in developed markets like US and Europe, after which it will tie up with other companies for marketing the drug. 

The company had spent $250 million in developing Lipaglyn, which took nearly 12 years to fructify. It will be spending another $150-200 million to launch the drug in overseas markets in next 3-5 years period, Patel had said. 

In India, the company expect Lipaglyn to clock an annual turnover of Rs 100 crore in the next 3-4 years.