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  • Member Since : 06-Sep-2019
  • Nature of Business : Manufacturing Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-DL-06-0012777
  • Pan : EBTPS9420J
  • GST : 07EBTPS9420J1ZT
  • No of Employee : 40
  • Turnover: 20000000

JMD Crafting #Underfashion. Fastest growing lingerie manufacturer in India!   It’s the first to go on and the very last to come off. And in between, it slips into many roles. From naughtily winking at strangers to being your most loyal and ardent supporter. Accompanying you on your most memorable adventures, and taking their most intimate secrets safely back to the closet. Yes, honey, it is the lingerie we’re talking about. Not the regular, boring whites, at the best of times ill-fitting, and riding up the wrong places – the kind that makes you itch or twitch in public. We’re talking smooth and silky, plush and pretty – the kind that fits your body like a glove and feels like your second skin. The kind that you hand...


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  • Company Name : JMD HOSIERY MFG CO
  • Member Since : 06-Sep-2019
  • Address: 307/1/57A, 2ND & 3RD FLOOR, IND AREA, 307/1/57A, SHEHZADABAGH, DELHI
  • City: NORTH WEST
  • Country: India
  • PIN: 110035
  • Phone: 09XXXXXX254
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  • Mobile : 92XXXXXX54
  • Website: www.jmdhosiery.in