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Systel instrumentation services pvt. ltd.

Street Address: 195,shri plaza, shaheed vihar, opp. ambedkar university, shaheed path, aurangabad khalsa utarethia, lucknow


Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

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Business Details: Vibrating Wire Instruments Manufacturer & Supplier

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Telemetry Water Level Recorder,Vibrating Wire Piezometer ,Water Level Meter ,Borehole- Extensometers,Vibrating Wire Readout ,Vibrating Wire Strain gauges ,Piezometer Casagrand Tip,Vibrating Wire Pressure Cells,Digital Tape Extensometer ,Vibrating Wire Settlement Sensor,Tangential Pressure Cell,Displacement Transducer,Vibrating Wire Load Cell ,Jointmeters Tri-Axle,Vibrating Wire Crackmeter ,Vibrating Wire Data Logger ,Multiplexer Junction Boxes ,Stress Meter Concrete,Inclinometer System,Vibrating Wire Tilt meter ,Portable Readout Box,Vibrating Wire Earth Pressure Cell

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

About Us

We take great pleasure in introducing   ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer and service providers in the field of vibrating wire Instrumentation in India and worldwide spanning many countries. We have with us to offer you our world class, vibrating wire instruments. Our first mission is to fulfill expectations and requirements of client and achieved continual improvement in our products.   Vibrating Wire Products: Telemetry Water level Logger ,water level meter, Piezometer, Pressure Cells, Load Cell, Extensometer, Crackmeter & Jointmeter, Strain Gauges, , Inclinometer ,Readout Units & Datalogger   We would like to take this opportunity in offering you our unmatched products & services and sincerely hope to ac...