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Bufo Innovations Private Limited

Street Address: SAAV 08, Ulhas

City: Burdwan

Province/State: West Bengal

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Industrial digitalisation and IoT company, helping manufacturing and process industries to improve productivity. Offers development and consultancy solutions to all industries. Provides data analytics and AI-based predictive maintenance and condition monitoring solutions to reduce machine downtime and drive profitability.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: software, internet, cloud, data, internet of things, iot, predictive, predictive maintenance, mobile, app, industry, digitalisation, condition monitoring

Office Location: West Bengal

About Us

Bufo Innovations Private Limited is an industrial digitalization and automation company with sales and development centers in Bangalore and West Bengal. The company provides IT solutions to manufacturing and process industry to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity. With a suite of in-house solutions for remote monitoring, data analytics in factories, predictive maintenance, asset condition and health monitoring, Bufo Innovations cater a wide range of industries across the country. We help industries to adopt technologies like cloud, big data and artificial intillegence to increase productivity. Our digitalization solutions transform enterprises with minimal infrastructure and investment. We understand that every indus...