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Street Address: No. 45, 3rd Cross, 5th Block, HBR Telecom Layout

City: Bangalore

Province/State: Karnataka

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Nano Procees Waste Water purification and Recycling, Electro coagulation for waste water processing. Solid waste Processing . Industrial / Process Automation. Biogas, Biomass, Biochar, Wood Vinegar plants and projects.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Fully Automatic advanced electro coagulation plants, fully automatic effluent treatment plants, sludge recovery and reuse plants and organic solid waste processing plant, with manure output and coconut shell based, power, paint and activated carbon plant

Office Location: Karnataka

About Us

REECON is based in Bangalore, sothern state if India. REECON'S primary foccus is advanced waste water treatment technologies based on Nano process, which consumes less energy, area and manpower.  REECON provide energy efficent Green Energy Solutions which promote renewable and sustainable technologies. REECON implements, Waste Water, Biogas, Biomass, Biochar, Wood Vinegar, Industrial and plant automation projects. REECON'S objective is to reuse 90% of the waste water generated in Industries and meet 20% of compy's energy requirement through renewable technologies. This will reduce the water consumption, Carbon foot print and promote energy independence with the oppoutunity of creating more green  jobs. REECON'S innova...