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Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

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Business Details: BWS celebrates and preserves master craftsmanship and endeavours to create products that withstand the test of time. To retain our authentic voice, we evaluate our impact across the three pillars of Craft, Community and Culture. Craft We have a commitment to craft. We take great pride in carrying forward our glorious legacy of skilled craftsmanship and as such, each and every piece at Tilfi is handmade. It is our constant endeavour to promote the exquisite artistry of our crafts to patrons around the world. Since inception, we have laid a strong emphasis on creating awareness and knowledge and have attempted to educate our audience about the finer details of our crafts. We do this through consistent and technically-accurate communication across our products, craft repositories, blogs and social media. We were the first to use our presence in the digital world to disseminate knowledge about Banaras’ time-tested techniques. As a result of our efforts, terms such as Katan, Shikargah, Kadhua, Rangkat - once restricted to trade and textile aficionados - have become mainstream and a part of the common vocabulary of Banarasi handloom. We straddle tradition and innovation. We work to preserve fast-disappearing techniques. We continue to commision “artistic” pieces and take-on revival projects, often deemed difficult to sell, to safeguard certain age-old techniques from becoming a casualty to indifference. We also continually seek to push the boundaries of our crafts. We relentlessly introduce newer designs, techniques, fabrics to our artisans’ repertoire. Our vision is not limited to letting our handcrafts survive, we want them to thrive! Community Our craftspeople are the cornerstone of our business. We have long-standing relationships within our craft community, which are built on trust and mutual respect. We have worked with many weaving families over generations and as such, accept responsibility for their continued employment and growth. We believe that two of the biggest contributions that BWS makes to the ecosystem are providing it with stability and authenticity. We seek to protect our craftsmen from the vagaries of fashion cycles and marketing trends. The products woven by BWS are designed by our team and discussed and developed through a constant dialogue with our weavers. Thereafter, our pieces are commissioned to be woven. The upfront costs of designing and all the risks associated with production are borne by BWS. Weavers get an assured off-take and pay. The same principle is applied even in cases where the weaver works with a time-honoured, traditional design. We pay all our artisans and team members fair wages. We also celebrate festivals, births and weddings together! We are constantly seeking opportunities to improve their work environments, delicately balancing the limitations of a scattered industry. We engage women of weaving families in various aspects of the trade from warping to tasseling and seek to increase the scope of their work. BWS also has a strong focus on hiring and developing local talent across our operations. Culture Firmly rooted in Banaras, this ancient melting pot of culture, tradition and history, we are best placed to spread its richness and wisdom with the world. We are working with creative talents across spheres, local arts & culture organizations, musicians and artists, to develop new ways and platforms for sharing our culture with the world. We choose to celebrate artisanship, creativity and in an era of mass-production, retain our integrity.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector


Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

About Us

About Banarasi Weavers Shop is firmly rooted in the city older than time itself, Banaras. For over five decades, our family has preserved and developed the centuries-old Banarasi weaving tradition. The new generation has now taken over the reins to reinterpret, reinvent and represent this beautiful art form. We strive to bring the finest woven stories from the busy handlooms and the bustling lanes of Banaras Chowk. We believe our products carry the quintessence of this holy city, its nooks and crannies, its chaos, beauty and timelessness. We believe in slow fashion. All our products are handcrafted and made to last. We don’t produce just clothes, we make heirlooms. We want our products to be investments for you. Our promise is that ...