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Street Address: C11 Sudarshan Tower Nr Surdhara Circle Thaltej

City: Ahmedabad

Province/State: Gujarat

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Our business is about Harvesting best of-its-class quality,Raw And Mono-Floral honey. Also we providing pollination services. The other part of our business is about improving the environment and creating opportunities for the less privileged.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Honey, Natural Honey, Mono-flora Honey, Multi-flora Honey, Raw Honey, Unprocessed Honey, Ajwain Honey, Bishop's Weed Honey, Fennel Honey, Coriander Honey, Eucalyptus Honey, Mustard Honey, Lychee Honey, Babul Honey, Acacia Honey, Beeswax, Bee Products, Beeboxes, Bee Colonies, Apis Melifera Bees, Apis Cerena Bees, Pollination Services

Office Location: Gujarat

About Us

HoneyVeda is involved in beekeeping since 2016 and we are one of the initiators of scientific beekeeping in Gujarat. As HoneyVeda, we are suppliers of raw honey in its most natural form. We have expertise in Operate and Manage entire apiaries across multiple farms at multiple states. We harvest raw honey in its most natural form at multiple demographics at different period of the year without processing and any additives. The raw honey is majorly in mono-floral form. Our #HiveToHome concept aims to bring natural honey back into our daily lifestyle. We are simply trying to save/conserve bees profitably. Honeybees help the farmer by giving pollination benefits that increase and improve his yield. Till date approx 3000 – 400...