About Us

Kapoor Herbal Products is the company enagaged in the manufacturing of herbal based ayurvedic products at Aurangabad. Having total 25 years of business expeience in the field of Pharma the company is now OEM supplier to many reputed Pharma and FMCG companies. The main products are Aloe vera extract, Aloe vera Gel, Food and Cosmetic grade aloe vera juice. 

Kapoor Herbal Products is also the manufacturer of best quality Ayurvedic Alchol based Hand sintizers having 70% alcohol, 5 % Aloe vera, 5 % Tulsi, 5% Neem into it.

Company will soon launch its Herbal Nutritional food suppliments for Animals also for enhancement of imunity, fat and milk percenatge enhancement in lactating animals.