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Street Address: Sham Nagar, Khyala Road

City: New Delhi

Province/State: Delhi

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Providing sustainable, eco-friendly, economical and faster bioremediation solutions for solid and liquid waste management to various industries and municipalities with a target to Energy Production and Environmental Protection.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: ? Environmental cleanup and disinfection against pathogens. ? Proficient rapid BIOREMEDIATION services for oily waste (oily sludge and oil contaminated soil/water/land) for Oil & Gas, Vegetable oil, Dairy, Automobile and other related industries. ? Economical BIOREMEDIATION of pesticide contaminated soil. ? Eco-restoration of contaminated sites (lands / ponds / lakes). (using BIOREMEDIATION, PHYTO-REMEDIATION, SALINITY REMEDIATION, Soil amendment & Rehabilitation techniques) ? Industrial ETP/STP adequacy study, trouble shooting, design review, customized BIO-CULTURE fo

Office Location: Delhi

About Us

Industries and Municipalities generate enormous quantity of solid and liquid waste during their day to day operational activities. As the said waste is harmful and toxic to the environment, it is essential that domestic and industrial solid and liquid waste is treated to acceptable regulatory standards for the current and future generations.  Biotechnological approach has been found to be the safest, most economical and environ-mentally friendly treatment process for waste management.  MIEBRS’s extensive, diversified and highly efficient biotechnological solutions, combined with very competitive treatment rate, makes it attractive/beneficial for Clients seeking managing the domestic as well as industrial solid and liquid waste. MIEBR...