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  • Member Since : 22-Sep-2020
  • Nature of Business : Manufacturing Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-TN-02-0208715
  • Pan : ACBFA5650M
  • GST : 33ACBFA5650M1ZF
  • No of Employee : 4
  • Turnover: 2000000

Airguru is an Alternative option for ecconamical air compressors supplier. 01- Wheel mounted screw air compressors 02-PM-Drive Screw Air compressors 03-Stationary Oil Inject Screw Compressor 04-VFD-Inverter Screw compressor suppliers Also we deal following side supports: 01-RENTAL Air Compressor 02-Spare-parts and Service for Any Brand Any Make Screw Compressors.  03-Airend (Screw element) Overhauling/Replacment 04-PLC Control (Any Compressors) Replacement 05-All compressor related works/Dryers/Airtank/etc We wait your favourable support pls thanks Ponni (Ex.Ser.Engineer-Atlascopco) Airguru-CEO Chennai-602024     ...