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M/s Geosense Surveys

Street Address: Plot No.69, Door No. 11-9-21,Dasapalla Hills, Visakhapatnam


Province/State: Andhra Pradesh

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Geosense Surveys offers following Services: Hydrographic Survey: We conduct Hydrographic Surveys in line with IHO’s specifications to obtain information on water depths in Ports, Anchorages, Rivers, Inland-water ways, Dams, Reservoirs. Topographic Survey: We conduct Topographic Surveys to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth. Geophysical Seabed Survey: We undertake Geophysical Surveys to identify sub seabed Geological Stratigraphy which is basic and used for any development activities in sea. Geotechnical Surveys: Geotechnical Investigations involves collecting information on Geology soil consistency, strength, ground water & generating ground mode Collection of Disturbed & Undisturbed soil samples, Grab Sampling, Gravity Coring Collection of Water Samples, Undrained Shear Strength of Soils Soft Clays Measure Compressive Strength of the Soil and Soil Investigation Support Service. Positioning Services: We offer positioning services using for pipe lay activities, breakwater construction, vessel berthing in ports, barge positioning, anchor handling, maintenance services for ports & harbours etc. Met-Oceanography: We offer tide and current observation which constitute towards oceanographic data required for: Coastal Protection and Engineering, Port Design and Operation, Environmental monitoring, etc. Data Processing, Reporting & Drawings: Single Beam and Multi beam Echo Sounder Data, Geophysical Data (Side Scan Sonar, Shallow Seismic and Magnetometer), Oceanographic Data (Currents, Waves, CTD and Tides), Meteorological Data (of Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction, Sun Radiation, UV Index & Rain Fall), Pre and Post Dredge Volume Computations Prepare Drawings in required Scale. Technical Write Up’s, Consultancy and other Professional Services: Preparation of Cost Estimates & Terms of Reference, Third Party Surveys, Method Statements, Desk & Feasibility Studies, Hiring of Equipment and Survey Personnel.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Hydro, Hydrography, Bathy, Bathymetry, Geophysical,Topo,Topography,Ocenography ,Geotechnical,Positioning,Sounding,Surveys,,Soil samples man power , Geo,

Office Location: Andhra Pradesh

About Us

Geosense Surveys, with its small but rapidly growing young and energetic team, is an alternative service provider to our privileged clientele ranging from small to large scale establishments connected to ports and harbours, oil & gas, marine construction, dredging and other engineering establishments. Geosense Surveys have proficiency in carrying out various services connected to Surveying, Technical Consultancy, Geodata Processing and offer Technical Manpower expertise. The Directors of Geosense Surveys over a long period of time have envisaged establishing themselves as premier survey and data processing organization related to Earth Sciences. Our tag line 'Interpreting Acoustics Sensibly' is aimed to realize, understa...