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Street Address: Pranab Pally

City: Rampurhat

Province/State: West Bengal

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: A) School management/ education systems using multiple technologies B) Information systems consultancy C) Music in different genres, especially devotional, soft-rock, semi-classical, pop, etc. D) Help in yoga, exercise, etc.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: school management system,educational technology,software development,web application,web design.app,edtech,school software,student information system

Office Location: West Bengal

About Us

For Your Information By God's grace, this is the demo of our work-in-progress. It is a school management system for a client-cum-sponsor. Background Life with its ups and downs was going on by developing softwares in Nagpur, Mumbai, and Dubai. Then during a visit to our native place in 2017, a childhood friend-turned-entrepreneur asked me to develop a web application for their news service. This good opportunity made me start working. By learning this, another friend and co-founder of a school asked me to develop a school management system for them. The school management also funded it. They are so poor yet generous that they even took out a loan to do that. That incident motivated me to work harder to establish this company....