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Datalynx Private limited

Street Address: 619, Western Business Park, Opposite SD Jain School, udhna Magdalla Road

City: Surat

Province/State: Gujarat

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We will establish a collaborative environment across your organization : Break down silos, unify data, and synchronize planning across the organization to reveal the full picture of your data to drive integrated plans. We will break complex operations into simple steps and integrate them with a unified approach to get a simple overview of all modules. We will help you to acquire insights quickly and adjust plans in real time, even if the face of growing data complexity – without changing existing business processes. Ultimate aim is to visualise the future with predictive sales/maintenance/energy etc.. which can help in improving the efficiency of operations.

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Business Process Re-engineering, Data Analytics, Cost reduction, efficiency Improvement, IOT, ML

Office Location: Gujarat

About Us

Establishing its operations in India in the year 2020, DataLynx Pvt. Ltd. a multi-disciplinary consultancy founded by veteran Manoj Bhandari, who over the course of twenty-three years served as the head of manufacturing organization’s in India. The firm provides broad-based services to manufacturing industries in strategy, by improving cost efficiency, providing predictive sales, but sets itself apart through its rich experience, deep research, problem identification & solving and client engagement approach. Along with a desire to develop a leading home-grown consultancy in a local landscape of dominant foreign multinationals, such a deep-research mind-set was the primary motivation for establishing DataLynx in the first place. “U...