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Raisa Food Products

Street Address: No.58, 7th Cross,, Kuppaswamy Layout, Nagawara,

City: Bangalore

Province/State: Karnataka

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: The Badhusha Lazeez Magic Moments bouquet of goodies is the outcome of our ceaseless efforts, to appeal to the classic tastelines of food connoisseurs the world over. Pickles 30+ Delightful Flavours Badhusha Lazeez presents piquant pickles to perk up your life. Made the traditional way, with selected fruit and vegetables and authentic Indian spices. Preserved in hygienically pressed oils. And matured in sum-warmed vats for exactly the right length of time. Badhusha Lazeez pickles add twang to every meal, snack or occasion. Whatever the flavour you savour - sweet or tangy, there's an offering from the Badhusha Lazeez range just for you. Explore. Experience. Enjoy. There's a whole new world of pickles for you to choose from. - NOW INNOVATE YOUR FOOD STYLE

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector


Office Location: Karnataka

About Us

Raisa Food Products is the winner of 4 appreciation awards from IIFPT, MOFPI, GOI.    Pickles for Every Palate  Based on rare recipes from royal kitchens, Raisa Food Products (RFP) – under the brand name Badhusha Lazeez – offers you some of the most mouth-watering Indian pickles. This enterprise – established in 1996 – is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, it initially began by making pickles only for consumption at home. Later, with a desire to delight customers with its trademark exquisite taste and unique range of products, the company opened its store for general public. The recipes of  RFP’s gourmet collection hail from the kitchens of Badhushahi Rajgharana – during the rule of Qutbus Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed B...