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Street Address: 431 a, 3 cross, 9th main, ideal homes township

City: Bangalore

Province/State: Karnataka

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Praanapoorna Collective LLP Manufactures 100% natural disinfectant cleaners from natural ingredients. Natural Disinfectants are lab tested with 99.99% Antibacterial and Antiviral efficacy.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Natural Disinfectant, Mosquito repellent spray, Toilet cleaner, Odour eliminator, Antibacterial Antiviral cleaners and Laundry, Natural Shampoo

Office Location: Karnataka

About Us

PraanaPoorna Collective LLP aims to make Environmentally and Socially responsible Personal care, Pet care, and Cleaning products to promote a healthier, cleaner, and safer way of living.
"Green Cleaning” is the formula behind PraanaPoorna products, which cause ZERO harm to individual’s health and the Environment.
With Ongoing product engineering, we create new natural alternates with locally available raw materials to replace the Petro – chemical-based products. PraanaPoorna has a distributed co-production model to support local livelihoods and minimize transport. Repurposed containers are used for packaging.