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Agri Farming Industries

Street Address: Flat No:- 919, Building:- Sanjay Nagar, Road/Street:- Ajmer Road, Village/Town:- D.C.M., Block:- D.C.M., City:- Jaipur


Province/State: Rajasthan

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Organic Compost | Red Worm | Cattle Feed | Vedic Ghee | Organic Products. With the aim to sell the best organic compost in India. Agri Farming Industries has come up with products that are 100% original and safe to use. Our items are generated in Gaushala and organic farms, thus promising the best quality.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Vermicompost, Vermicomposting, Compost, Manure, Earthworm, Vermiculture, Eisenia Fetida, Vermibed, HDPE Vermibed, Live Earthworm,Khad, Cow Dung

Office Location: Rajasthan

About Us

Being freshly started in July 2018, as one of the most dedicated and passionately serving organic fertilizers manufacturers across India, Agri Farming Industries has already embarked on a revolutionary journey of redefining prevailing agricultural methods. Our scientifically processed and clinically tested, 100% organic compost products make us truly stand out eminently, and even though our journey has just begun, our assurance of complete satisfaction makes us already reach a long way. We offer, 100% organic Vermicompost, Vermiculture (red earthworm), Vermibeds, Cattle Feed, and Organic Products. As a team of professional experts, we execute clinical precision in manufacturing each of the products and reaching your doorstep with unriva...