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  • UAM : UDYAM-MH-19-0021162
  • Pan : AAECS5310C
  • GST : 27AAECS5310C1ZT
  • No of Employee : 125
  • Turnover: 38 cr

MEPL started its journey by manufacturing colour and black-and-white televisions in the year 1989. When cable television was first introduced in India, the existing televisions supported only 8 channels, without a remote control. Sensing this opportunity, we started manufacturing 90 channel remote converter kit, which helped convert a normal television set to a fully functional remote television. This innovation was a stepping stone in our journey. By the year 2000, we started manufacturing and selling DVD players, VCD players, and Home Theatre Systems at a reasonable price. MEPL was a pioneer in 5.1 Home Theater Systems with Dolby-DTS, Optical, and Coaxial inputs. This success laid the foundation for MEPL as an innovative and afford...