About Us

A simple comment became an idea and 3 years later a reality. George, fed up with his weak and inaccurate aluminium frame CNC commented, that he could build one better and cheaper. To that I (Tapan) replied, if you can build it, we can probably sell it !!

So here we are, fulfilling that simple conversation. With our range of products we are certain that you will appreciate them for their various features, and most importantly for the value that they will add for you.


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  • Company Name : Akriti Precision Systems Private Limited
  • Member Since : 23-Jul-2022
  • Address: 28, 4S Avenue, 3rd Floor, Kalkere Main Road, Kalkere
  • City: Bangalore
  • Country: India
  • PIN: 560043
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  • Website: https://akriti.tech