About Us

  • Member Since : 30-Nov-2022
  • Nature of Business :
  • UAM : NO
  • Pan : AALCR0287N
  • GST : NA
  • No of Employee : 10
  • Turnover: 3000000

We are manufactures of silk cotton fabrics, sarees, bed liners, bed sheets, coushions, duppata, dress materials, tops, bags, stoles, and more in handloom ikat goods, we are exporters from India. telangana, hyderabad , pochampally.

we take customised orders in silk , cotton, jute, linen and more.

we are in to this bussines scince 80 years, as my great grand father, my father ( late shri,RB ANJAIAH)  who started retail out let in pochampally, who is the founder for retail market and FOUNDER of (puttapak silk scoiety ) in puttapaka .

he also brought lotof new technology for the develpoment of weaver and self hence the betterment of the weaver.