About Us

  • Member Since : 21-Dec-2022
  • Nature of Business : Manufacturing Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-AS-15-0000196
  • Pan : AAIAT0959Q
  • GST : 18AAIAT0959Q1ZL
  • No of Employee : 4
  • Turnover: 60,000

About The Sewali Home Enterprise (SHE) The Sewali Home Enterprise (SHE) was incorporated on the 18th day of July, 2019 as an Association of Persons at Jorhat under document reference no. 3643/2019. Broadly the object of the firm/association is to use R & D based green S & T methods in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, i.e, MSME scale to manufacture mosquito repellents, candles, natural fibres like banana plant fibres and value added products from them, aromatic plant oil/product, deodorants, handloom products, and any such suitable products that may be produced in MSME scale. The association is particularly established to encourage women entrepreneurs and employees in a sustainable manner. The association intends to source the technol...