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Street Address: G-501, Oxy homez, Bhopura loni road, G-501, Bhopura, Ghaziabad


Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

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Business Details: We are offering India's first and only Comprehensive antioxidant with 26 powerful antioxidants with optimum dosage and quantity. Most of the molecules are in active form which enhances Absorption and benefits patients. The brand is O2CAP. O2CAP is also powered with unique anti aging molecules which leads to ATP formation to fuel the cell. O2CAP has unique Bio-Enhancer which enhances Bioavailability and absorption. O2CAP is highly useful as co therapy in all auto immune disease like Diabetes, and degenerative disease like Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Very useful for functioning well of Heart, Brain, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Eyes and blood vessels and nerves.Takes care of Diabetes complications and Hypertension complications like diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy peripathy and gastroporesis, . Also takes care of COVID 19 complications

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: O2CAP An comprehensive Antioxidant with 26 powerful antioxidants fulfilling needs of metabolic disease, CVD, Diabetes, Cancer, Neurological disease, Degenerative disease, Ocular disease and complications.

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

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India's most powerful Antioxidant 

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