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  • Member Since : 16-Mar-2023
  • Nature of Business : Manufacturing Sector
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  • No of Employee : 15
  • Turnover:10,00000

Product of AN Health Care: NIARA Forming machine. Medicated strip is placed on the pressed core and is wrapped by non- woven fabric (named as top layer) and sealed by using soft touch sealing machine. The release paper is pasted on the napkin using gum and packed. Finally, the napkins are placed in UV unit. Menstruation in India has traditionally been associated with myths and taboos and adolescent girls find extremely difficult to even the issue with their parents or elders in the family. A study conducted reveals that only 12% of India menstruating women use sanitary pads. While cloth strips have traditionally been use by Indian women who cannot afford sanitary napkins. The survey finds that unsensitised cloth, ashes and husk sand...


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  • Company Name : AN HEALTH CARE
  • Member Since : 16-Mar-2023
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