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  • Nature of Business : Manufacturing Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-TS-09-0042516
  • Pan : AYVPR0263K
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The story of Chamii In our society, the definition of beauty has kept changing with time and opinions of others.   However, real beauty is personal and immeasurable.    It is unique for every one. That's how our motto, Embrace Yourself has come to being.   Chamii is not meant to make you more attractive than you already are.   It is meant to bring out your natural charm for the world to see.    That's the reason it's "Truly yours!" About us -  The soaps that are available on the market are made using chemical ingredients. These chemical ingredients may not be friendly to all types of skin. Usually, skin problems are chronic in nature, requiring special care and routine. Chamii soaps are made without using ...