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  • Member Since : 31-Mar-2023
  • Nature of Business :
  • UAM : UDYAM-PB-10-0010778
  • Pan : ABRPS2720B
  • GST : 03ABRPS2720B1ZZ
  • No of Employee : 15
  • Turnover: 78.14 LAKH

                                                                                                                                                  INTRODUCTION SURBHI ARMOURING INCORPORATION was incorporated in 2002.As specialized unit  in Bullet Proof Steel and later introduced commercial production for Bullet Proofing of Vehicles and for manufacturing of various security products with latest technologies. Over the years Surbhi Armouring Incorporation personalised its approach and production techniques thus, achieving the current extremely high quality standards. This was also the result of uncompromisingly adopting the most advanced technological solutions. Ou...