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Arjava Nutrition Private Limited

Street Address: A-5M, First Floor, Phase-II, A-5M, Sector-80, Noida


Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: We are manufacturer of millet based ready to eat breakfast cereals, cheela mix, energy bars and nut butters. we have a capacity of over 4 tons/month to manufacture millet based products like granola, muesli, chilla mixes and sprouted millets.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Millets Breakfast cereals Ready to eat millets Nut butters Sri anna Jowar bajra kodo little khichdi mix granola muesli chilla mix sprout energy bar

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

About Us

  With our millet based products, we want to bring back the good old millets on the tables of urban India. These ready to eat Millets are not just easy to have, but are also nutrient dense and great for overall health. These superfoods are loaded with essential nutrients, are minimally processed without chemical preservatives but at the same time tasty as well.  9GRAMS, our brand name is derived from the fact that all our products have 9grams of Protein per serving. We also believe eating right does not necessarily mean starving yourself. All natural things are good if taken in moderation. Fat and sugar are not villains, but their quantity and type we intake. Our Brand Promise Best Ingredients - All our products ar...