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  • Member Since : 26-Jun-2023
  • Nature of Business : Trading
  • UAM : UDYAM-BR-26-0001375
  • Pan : ABACS4862Q
  • GST : NA
  • No of Employee : 8
  • Turnover: NA

About the Company: Information Technology, Manpower outsourcing & Management services Sanbook is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company, Etymology of Sanbook is to combine a group of people for collective motive without discriminating cast & creed says the word is a combination of Multi + Trade as is the nature of our business. Incorporated on 20nd JUN, 2018, We deal in AMS (Annual Maintenances services for IT sector), E- governance solutions, manpower provider services & EKYC etc. Sanbook Quality Management Private limited is classified as Indian Non- Government Company and it is registered with registrar of companies in Patna. Vision: Our vision is to be the preferred partner for our clients, for all their needs related to Integrated Infrastr...


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