About Us

  • Member Since : 08-Nov-2023
  • Nature of Business : Manufacturing Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-KR-03-0262578
  • Pan : AAGCV1323G
  • GST : 29AAGCV1323G1ZF
  • No of Employee : 6
  • Turnover: 3700000

Vaasudeva Process Management Private Limited (VPMPL) is a Technology driven process Instrumentation and Automation solutions company lead by Industrial Automation domain experts. The Team has 50+ man years of hands-on Industry experience in understanding process Industry applications and critical problems affecting the Process/Products performance. We provide comprehensive solutions through cost-effective and innovative products.   VPML aim is to offer highest Quality Products & Services along with our Technology Partnersto improve Customer's process performance , add value to their Business operations by reducing Cost and risk. ? VPML provides High Quality reliable Sensors, SMART Instrumentation Engineering Services, PLC/...