About Us

  • Member Since : 20-Nov-2023
  • Nature of Business : Manufacturing Sector
  • UAM : UDYAM-MH-15-0117006
  • Pan : ADLPW2744F
  • GST : NA
  • No of Employee : 3
  • Turnover: -

Ira Handamade Organics is manufacturer of Herbal Natural organic soaps made by Coconut oils , butters and Natural Ingredients with goodness of essential oils by cold processed method. we are passionate about skincare that cares for both you and environment. Our pure , organic soaps are harmful chemicals free ,sulphates & Paraben free. 

we replace harmful , chemical-laden soaps with sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives. By using our soaps you will fall in love with your radient skin.

By choosing our soap, you can pamper yourself with the goodness of all natural ingredients.