Angels Technical Engineering Services Pvt Ltd is a well established company started its silent search right from the day our constructors were in need of qualified & specialized team to carry out certain critical jobs and timely completion of the given assignment.
Started as a small firm but under guidance of professional management it cawed up to top elite of all other contractors since ever its inception. Angels Technical Engineering Services Pvt Ltd has been playing a vital role in the growth and development of our principal clients.
Due to its very good professional policies today Angels Technical Engineering Services Pvt Ltd is one of the leading business houses as far as professional management & vest team work are considered.
We have executed different kind of jobs like fabrication of storage tanks & large dia pipe lines, erection of stationary and rotary equipment and highly skilled manpower supply works at different sites in Thermal and Nuclear power sector.
We also have experienced Engineers. Supervisors, qualified inspection team etc, and are in a position to undertake any type of fabrication, heavy erection and manpower assistance jobs.
We request you to kindly consider our company for awarding any nature and magnitude of works. We hope to receive your favorable orders.