Austro Pipes is a renowned name in the sphere of PVC and CPVC manufacturing. Being located in Hyderabad and garnered over 3000 dealers in AP and Telangana so far, we have been catering to a diverse sector of the country through our electrical, plumbing and sanitary products. We are the manufacturer of CPVC pipes and fittings, nylon cable ties and nail clips and largely manufacture CPVC, PVC, UPVC, SWR, Rigid and Electrical pipes and fittings.

At Austro Pipes, we aim to create quality products and thus the tagline of our company, “We Always Create Quality Product” is highly justified. We understand the customer needs and the essence of superior quality products that forms the base of any infrastructure in both commercial and as well as the industrial sectors.

Austro Pipes, being a manufacturer, has been a shining name that has held high its position by garnering each successful client and satisfying them with superior quality cost effective products. Not only does Austro Pipes boasts of a huge client base, but also refers to the huge returning client base who considers Austro Pipes to be the best manufacturer of CPVC pipes.

For the fact, it is easily said than done, to be one of the best dealers or to boast as one. But the client base, the product quality and experienced labours speak to the extreme that Austro Pipes is indeed the company that most people relies on for CPVC pipes and fitting. At Austro Pipes, we continuously strive to offer the best of our services no matter what hurdles await us.