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City: PUNE

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

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Business Details: ETC contract for ETP ,STP,FSSTP, Manufacture of Clarifier, Clariflocculaor, Package ETP/STP, O&M of ETP/STP, organic waste converter (OWC), Biogas Plant, Anaerobic Digester

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Design ,erection of Effluent treatment plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Fecal Sludge and Septage Treatment Plant, Clarifier, Clariflocculator, Package STP

Office Location: Maharashtra

"PANSE CONSLTANTS" , based at Pune ( Maharashtra), India, is  engaged in Environmental Engineering Projects ,established in 2004. Company  has expert manpower to provide solution in the filed of ciritical effluents.   Panse Consultans has provided ETP systems for : Food Industry ( Ready to serve , Chicken processing, Mutton market, Sloughter Houses, Fish Procesing, Maize Products, Sago Industry, Pickle manufactring, etc), Pupl & paper mill, Bulk Drug, & Intermediates,  Electroplating Effluents ,  Textile and dye industry, Ink manufctring industry, Automobile Manufacturing ( Two wheeler & four  wheeler , truck manufacturing) , servicing centres for automobiles , distilleries and breweries  and much more.

Panse Consultants have provided :  Design, supply,erection ,testing and commissioning of Sewage Treatment Plant up to 8.0 MLD capacity.

Package STP : up to 250 M3/Day. ( fully Automatic- PLC Based).

Effluent Treatment Plant : Max. capacity : 3.20 MLD  for autobmobile, 1200.0 M3/Day for Brewery, 600.0 M3/day for Food processing , 3000.0 m3/day for pulp and paper, 600.0 m3/day for Textile ,  100.0M3/Day for Electroplating Effluent. 1.0 MDL for Sloughter House. Anaerobic Digester provided  up to 1200.0 m3/day .

We are having 8000 sq. feet engineering shop . We manufacture : Package STP ,Package ETP sysems , as per custom make.

Also we manufature : clarifiers, Tube Settlers, PSF/ACF, Agitators,  Surface Aerators and related ETP/STP equipments. 

We have provided  fecal sludge and Septage Treatment Plant ( FSSTP) with  lowest energy consumption desingn.

Tranining Program : Industrial training program for skill development in Environmental Engineering, O&M of ETP/STP, Environmental Awarness Program.