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Street Address: 19, LL Road, Lakshmipuram,, Sundarajapuram,

City: Madurai

Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: A unique concept in creating herbal based tea from Assam CTC leaves, Pure Herbal, Spices, Flower and super extracts of stevia.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Stevia Tea, Stevia Sweetener, Stevia sweet drops, Stevia sweetened herbal tea

Office Location: Tamil Nadu

Mr. MuthuKrishnan. J, the Founder, initiated his business in trading various types of herbs. As parts of steps to grow his business, he focused on exporting to various global regions and hence named his company as MAK Exports in 2013

His Sudden New Discovery!

While building his export business he came across many difficult situations. One day he happened to enter a restaurant and took a table next to a person, who at that time happened to ask for tea without sugar. He was a diabetic and was trying to explain his situation to the waiter for wanting less sugar in his tea. After a while when ordering food, he heard another person asking for coffee without sugar, which made him think…why is there such a huge demand for sugar-free beverages? Has diabetes spread to such an extent that everyone is affected by it in such vast number? If so, then there is an immediate need for a sugar substitute to relieve people suffering from it.

White sugar which is used in so many types of food causes many health problems. It can lead to heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, accelerates skin aging, raises the risk of depression and cancer etc. He thought … if nature is giving something so negative like this, it will also offer something positive as well.

This lead to an idea…  What if white sugar could be substituted by another sugar product that is just as tasty but without any calories or carbohydrates? As he was extensively dealing in herbs, he believed … what if he could find an herb that is just as sweet as sugar but with no side effects and helpful for people with diabetes. After spending considerable time in research, he came across Stevia, an herb which had all these qualities and perfectly also suitable for people of all ages and also those for those with diabetes.

Invention Of The Miraculous Seeni Thulasi Tea

Tea is a drink that people love enjoying…so an idea struck…why not bring together Stevia and various herbs into a tea drink that was healthy and tasty too.

After months of preparation, Mr.MuthuKrishnan.J came up with Seeni Thulasi tea, which has the perfect formula of tea and Stevia combination. Just to check out how this product would fare in the market, he invited some volunteers to taste it and … amazingly it as an instant success! Just the fruit that our founder was looking for after so much of hard work! He went onto creating a new firm called MAKA FOODS, Innovated 2015 which produced Seeni Thulasi Tea Stevia in Tamilnadu in bulk quantities.

Once the brand Seeni Thulasi tea entered the market, it got very good repose from people and awareness about it spread quickly. Orders started to gradually come  in and this showed how much people are really in need of this product which can give them good health. As the need for a natural sugar substitute inside the country was so huge, he also decided not to export Seenithulasi tea and cater to the huge local demand and need for it.

Dr.Ramalingan in Madurai Pudur, who tasted his SEENITHULASI tea and relished it taste as well as understand its health benefits, awarded a name as SEENITHULASI Campaigner on 5/12/18 of spreading information about it to the people.  

Change Your Life With SEENITHULASI Tea

So many products use regular sugar, which can create many health problems. You can see it used in so many products ranging from biscuits to chips and also lots of packaged and processed foods. With SEENI THULASI, which is the Tamil name of Stevia Rebaudiana, all such problems are removed as it offers a multitude of benefits such as:

  • 100 natural products with no side effects
  • Has zero calories and cholesterol
  • Regulate blood sugar and pressure levels thus assisting people with diabetes and BP to keep better maintain health
  • Good for people who are weight conscious and want to keep their weight under  control
  • Has anti-bacterial qualities and can prevent the formation of gingivitis and dental cavities

Include Seeni Thulasi, the  Brand Name of Healthy and Sweet Tea Varie’TEAs which includes 60 varieties of herbal and flower tea (Patent applied), manufactured by MAKA Foods Madurai, Tamilnadu and change your life completely into a healthier one!!!