SS Leather Handicraft, in Jaipur, has always given importance to making a difference in the arts & crafts division. When it comes to history, culture, and society of the contemporary world, SS Leather Handicraft believes it provides ‘souls’ to the items it creates. The products are designed and developed through an exclusive process that guarantees good results in terms of utility, tangibility, and appearance. They are machine-made as well as traditionally handcrafted from sheep, goat, and buffalo leathers. The application of chrome and vegetable tanning is administered on the hides to make them longlasting. Items such as wallets, bags, jewelry, keychains, pouches, cardholders, and diaries are produced by SS Leather Handicraft. The trade of leather has been passed on through generations in the Bakoliya family. Subhash Bakolia started learning the craft in 1998 and continued to harness his skill through training in Shantiniketan, Calcutta, and workshops in NID, Ahmedabad. He started his workshop in 2006 where he took up small projects and then established SS Leather Handicraft in 2009. Every year, he continues to participate in several fairs and exhibitions in cities like New Delhi, Chandigarh, Goa, and Mumbai, to gain exposure and spread awareness about the craft.