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Province/State: Kerala

Country: India

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Business Details: Manufacture and distribution of ayurvedic medicines and drugs. It offers arishtams, asavams, avarthies, choornams, ghruthams, gulikas, kashayams, kashaya choornams, kashayam capsules, kuzhambus, lehyams, and thailams/kerams/sevyams. The company also offers scientific treatment protocols for diabetes mellitus, eye diseases, male infertility, rheumatic complaints, allergy and asthma, skin diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, gynaecological disorders, and life style disorders; provides ayurvedic treatment services

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Ayurvedic herbal medicine oil and traditional therapy

Office Location: Kerala

Discover the power of HERBAL and INDIGENOUS ALTERNATE REMEDIES that are on the brink of extinction.

We welcome you to our small Ayurvedic shop (Non Medicinal use) situated in the suburbs of the small agricultural town, Nedumangadu in Trivandrum District, Kerala. We specialize in Ayurveda Treatment (Massages and muscle pain-related treatment) and medicines and have been doing this for Generations. We not only provide Ayurvedic treatment but also provide medicines all over the world. Ours is a small shop surrounded by the natural scenic beauty.

You can find our products in the Web Store. In addition to these, we also offer the following products which can be prescribed only after consultation:

  • Eluvi Herbal Medicinal Oil

Any Damage to the joint from Disease or dislocation can interfere with your movement and cause a lot of pain, many different conditions can lead to painful joints including Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Bursitis, Gout, Strains, Sprains and other injuries/fractures.  Use eluvi First class oil to relieve from this pain. It also relieves pain after orthopedic surgery.

  • Neer Mulisamulam, Kattu Vellari Samulam, Kakkaratan Samulam, Avara Samulam Nelaveppu Samulam, Vellara Samulam and other 52 ingredients.

Direction of use: For pain in a specific area like joint pain, soak some cotton in oil and place it on the joint and wrap it with a clean cloth. Leave it overnight so that it can soak. Remove it in the morning. - Apply the oil directly for general body pain, making sure not to massage the applied area. Rest for two hours and then take a warm/lukewarm bath. You will get the result within a week.



  • Thirumeni Oil

Headache, Migraine Head ache, Injuries of Head Seizure, Primary & Secondary Head ache, Concussion Aphasia, Hypersomnia & Primary Blood clots on the Head & Brain. Use this oil and relief from these diseases.

Ingredients: Muthadakki, Anjali Pacha, Muru moodi Pacha, ali Pacha, Nilaveli Pacha Kakkaratta and other 34ingredients

Direction of use: Apply the oil after working time & remove after 2 hours Heart related patients and stroke patients should


  • Eluvi Energy Booster

A best Energy booster for people who have Lack of health Fatigue, respiratory health problems, Exhaustion, Nervous weakness, Muscle strain, Anaemia Men’s sexual impotency

  •   Kasthoori, Gorojana, Punuku, Kalmadam, Kakkarattan, Vanni, Valkurangu, and 61 ingredients

Direction of use:   1 teaspoon mix with Milk or Hot water Food Medicine Diet does not apply. 



  • Poker Urukku

Pokker urukku is used for Nervous system disease, Varicose Vein, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebrovascular Accident, Stroke, Transient ischemic attack, Epilepsy, Aphasia use Poker Urukku is first quality oil and get relief from these diseases.

Ingredients: Seed of Garuda Kodi, Root of Kakkarattan, Root of Thirukonna, Root of Karikurinji, Root of Kla Veru and other 62 ingredients

Direction of use: Apply the oil after working time & remove after 2 hours; Heart related patients and Stroke patients are apply on chest & other body part.



  • Herbal Coffee

Ingredients: Ideal for fever, cough etc.

How to Prepare: Use one tea spoon for a cup of herbal coffee, boil water with the coffee powder for few minutes and serve hot




MORE DETAILS-https://www.ayurtradition.com/