Discover the power of HERBAL and INDIGENOUS ALTERNATE REMEDIES that are on the brink of extinction.

We welcome you to our small Ayurvedic shop (Non Medicinal use) situated in the suburbs of the small agricultural town, Nedumangadu in Trivandrum District, Kerala. We specialize in Ayurveda Treatment (Massages and muscle pain-related treatment) and medicines and have been doing this for Generations. We not only provide Ayurvedic treatment but also provide medicines all over the world. Ours is a small shop surrounded by the natural scenic beauty.

You can find our products in the Web Store. In addition to these, we also offer the following products which can be prescribed only after consultation:

Vaada Kodali Oil
For Knee-Pain, Back Pain the Vaada Kodali Oil is the most suitable panacea and it is very effective. (By consultation only.)

Allergy Oil
Allergy Oil is Very Usefull to our Psoriases, Any type of allergy,fungal disease, scars etc. (By consultation only.)

Choorna for cough
Any kind of cough can be cured by this powder. (By consultation only.)