Whether you have a need to coat Ball pan, Car, Train Bogie, Household Furniture, Consumer Durables, GFS can meet your demand. Whether you need a continuous or batch system, GFS has filled similar production area needs and can meet your demand. has a solid reputation for craftsmanship and quality. Our equipment provides the best lighting available for operator comfort, and the superior GFS airflow in our products provide a safe work environment for the operator by pulling contaminants quickly away from the operator. You can order your equipment to match your specific installation needs. We can meet your size requirements for any application.

GFS has dedicated to superior craftsmanship, affordability and honesty. These three exact principals, which we always strive to uphold, have separated us from other booth manufacturers and elevated us to one of the leading spray booth producers in the country. When dealing with one of experienced person, you will see our striving effort to uphold this quality in customer care and product care assistance. They will guide you step by step to figure out the optimal production line for your budget.