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Street Address: C 309, Vijaya Hills, A C Guards

City: Hyderbad

Province/State: Telangana

Country: India

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Business Details: CAD, 3D Design, Mesh Repair, Organic Modelling, 3D Rendering Prototyping, 3D Printing, Molding, Vaccum Casting, Scale Models 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering, Miniatures, part Inspection, Filaments, Materials, Spare parts

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: CAD,3D Design,Mesh Repair, Organic Modelling, 3D Rendering Prototyping, 3D Printing, Molding, Vaccum Casting, Scale Models 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering

Office Location: Telangana

GrowUp is exclusive marketplace, service bureau and community forum for MSMEs and StartUps to boost business, export, manufacturing, supply of machines, used machines, share resources, use capacities, bulk buy raw materials, sell scrap, business, sales, purchases, avail finance, deploy technology, participates in tenders, virtual and visual expo with our collective, cooperative and consortia approach.
As we are entering a new decade and also coming close to the Diamond Jubilee year of India's independence. We have to conceptualise a vision and roadmap for India @75 and towards a 5 Trillion economy for India by empowering and boosting MSMEs to transform them as resilient profitable. It is necessary to improve the ease of doing business but not sufficient enough, reducing the cost of doing busing and enhancing competitiveness, resilience and profitability are the business imperatives. We converge all the three with our business marketplace, service bureau, and Community forum. We reduce the cost of doing business and improve the resilience, sustainability, and profitability of the MSMEs with our collective, cooperative and consortia approach.
We handhold every enterprise to devise their organisation's vision and goal with a triple bottom line vision- people, planet, and profit. We pick up all MSMEs and StartUps to Stand Up, Walk-Up, and Grow Up ahead with a sense of collective confidence to transform as a resilient, responsive, competitive, profitable enterprise. Our focus, attention, and commitment continuously on how to make it happen.
That is what Grow Up India stands for- to be a catalyst, accelerator, fortifier, and booster - and committed helping hand for the MSME industry to assist in their growth trajectory. This would catalyse the development of the country. It emboldens, empowers, enriches India and elevates its stature and statues to be among the comity of the nations as it truly deserves as our forefathers envisaged and envisioned.
Service to the industry with industry is a service to the nation. We look forward to greater inputs from the Government, deeper involvement from the Industry and seek help from the leaders of Industry Associations, Government Bodies, Banks, VCs, PEs, Angels, Financial, Academic, Science & Technology Institutions, Research & Development Organisations, Innovation Centers, Incubation Centers, Eco-Systems and Media for spreading new economic culture of wealth creation, job generation, rather than job seeking and celebrate entrepreneurship as the most respected human endeavors. We will work together, we will innovate and we will find new ways.
Our Mission is Million SMIles (Million SM Industries Livelihoods Ecosystem)  with profits. We will strive hard to make sure that every Indian MSME is touched by this vision as we create New India, which is inclusive, sustainable, equitable and prosperous.
Grow Up India@75 catalyses Technology, Knowledge, usher in Entrepreneurial Culture, Mindset, and Attitude, and Develops, Manages and Protects Innovation and derives more value
We inspire Parents, Teachers, Faculty, Students and Women by Organizing events in colleges by encouraging job creation and wealth generation seeking and reach out to a million minds, change hearts and helping the hands.
Our service bureau provides advertising, branding, and integrated marketing, digital. Digital literacy, 3D design, Print, Regulatory licenses, clearances, approvals, permissions, registrations, Export Facilitation, Product Launches, IP Innovation, Business & revenue Models, HR, Advice, Training, Coaching and Mentoring, Visibility Services like product demo films, corporate films, interviews Legal and Audit services.
Our community forum brings out eMagazines, News Letter, Directory, Events, Match Making, Buyer-Seller Meets, etc
We look forward to an incredible year ahead and we shall all collectively envision a vision and roadmap for India @75 and strive towards making millions of MSMEs prosper and our 1.3 billion people realize their true and full potential.
We shall all work together to make sure that every Indian MSME is touched by this mission to create New India which is inclusive, sustainable, equitable and prosperous. You would play a pivotal role in this mission and movement as one of our key partners to empower enterprises.
We are very much eager and keener to partner with your esteemed organization in a symbiotic and synergistic relationship.
With Warm Regards and Respects

Subba Raju Ch
Karma Yogi
Business accelerator