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Street Address: F-215, City Center, Near Idgah Circle,, Idgah Road, Prem Darwaza,


Province/State: Gujarat

Country: India

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Business Details: Techtonics is company offering wide range of Sensors, motors, modules, programmer, Wireless, IOTs device, Meters and Instruments and many more. you can reach us at techtonics.in

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Robotic Parts, Meters, Instruments, Sensors, Motors, IOTs, Wireless, Electronic Components, GSM, Multimeter, 3D Printer

Office Location: Gujarat

Here, at this crazy world of robotics, Techtonics passionately believe that:

Every technology has some ideas built in it to create innovation!!!

And here we are, helping you “Drive your Ideas towards Innovation”!

We’ve faced it, lack of resources, funds, equipment, guides, like minded people etc etc which are important to get your idea rolling. Now that we’ve some of them, we’d like to make sure you get rolling!!!

We’re electronics store with lot of  knowledge base in research areas including Robotics, Arduino, Embedded Systems, e-bike Development, 3D printing, electronics projects and Affordable Electronics, Internet of Things Iot base products, etc etc etc!!!

Yeah, we’re like new generation innovators to help each core of society with our extensive experience in system design as a fast growing solution provider in India with breakthrough designs and innovations.

For any information or for technical assistance with your projects or idea, please mail us at contact@techtonics.in or use the Contact Us form. Our shop cum institute is based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. If you ain’t in Ahmedabad, you can still mail us and we can meet online and discuss those amazing project or idea for which you are looking for mentor since long time.

Happy Ideas, Developing and Innovating!