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VS Agrotech

Street Address: 219/39 C9B , K.K.P STREET,A,S PETTAI

City: Namakkal

Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Manufacturing and trading of Low cost agriculture equipment to serve marginal / small farmers land hold size less than 5 acres to improve their income & reduce labour dependancy

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Agriculture machine , farm machine , weeder, brush cutter , seeder , tiller

Office Location: Tamil Nadu

Small and marginal farmers with less than two hectares of land account for 86.2% of all farmers in India, means it is challenging for the government’s extension arms to reach them with new technology and farm support schemes. (US -The average farm size for 2016 is 442 acres). “The land sizes are to some extent reflective of the status of cultivator households and their farming potential, “Most of the farmers manage the farm by themselves. They are facing various issues/challenges like water source, right price for the crops, outside labour cost (~20% of cost ) to manage the cultivation, monsoon and don’t have sufficient funds to invest in high cost farming or high capacity doesn’t require to implement due to the size of the land. Sometimes, they may not get paid immediately for the crops from the traders/buyers, end up take loan for high interest, increased debt and can’t pay back. This make them into vicious circle. At the same time, due to high labour intensive job, they can’t able to create additional income through some means, such as Animal husbandry.

Since most of the farms are small and managed by themselves, it is important to improve the productivity and drastically reduce the outside labour dependency, which will immediately help the farmers improve the income through farms and at the same time, the available time create for them will help to grow additional incomes intangibly from the farms.

At VS Agrotech , Our objective to drive towards single person / family farming with  higher productive time with less dependency of labours from outside their family & generate  additional income for farmers by providing affordable farming equipments.