Doctem Industries Pvt Ltd. was the brainchild of its visionary founder. Bringing his years of experience and expertise in epc,electrical & civil construction works and other operations, the founder has laid a solid foundation on which Doctem Industries has grown and prospered. Our continued rapid growth is testimony to the confidence of our clients.

Doctem has a team of expert consultants on board, who can handle matters related to industrial, legal, business management, engineering, finance, recruitment, cost accounting, personnel management, import and export, inventory control, and other technical/non- technical aspects. Our team of consultants can also offer suitable workforce solutions for a wide variety of industries or offices and make representations in different industries or offices, or before any corporate body, authority, firms, corporations, person or association of persons in any field that may be required. Our professionals can help businesses procure materials, machinery or any other items/things required by them or any other entity including a corporate authority, corporation, person, firm or association of persons, and to charge fees for such advice and help, whether such services are rendered in India or abroad.