ProstarM, an emerging brand in the arena of Power Electronics & Power Solutions, was promoted by a vibrant group of entrepreneurs who had experience in varied fields like Process & Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Finance. Incorporated on 11th January, 2008, the unique blend of youth & experience of the group is instrumental in propelling      its   growth   beyond perceptible limits across the length & breadth of our country and into the niche market as well over the last 11 glorious years.

ProstarM, by virtue of its State-of-the-Art Technology, aptly  supported by a robust Service Network,  is now poised to take the giant leap in this high profile and very competitive industry comprising of Banking, Insurance, ATM, Health Care, Educational Institutions, Aviation, Railways, Petroleum, Defence,  Research & Development, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Medium to Heavy Industry including Continuous Process Industry, Information Technology  as Providers of Total Power Solution, including Solar Power coupled with Total Implementation/Infrastructure Solution (TIS).

Philosophy: Quality is the very essence of our growth & sustenance. Coupled with this, long term Vision and Aggression of our core group have carved the success path of ProstarM in this highly competitive environment. Growth is our dictum but overall   satisfaction   of our   Customers remain our philosophy.