An organisation dedicated to Engineering Construction & Project Management

We provide Project Management Services for Building, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Projects. The scope of our services covers general project management, contract management, cost engineering, quality control & quality assurance, assistance in tendering and engineering, designs and other miscellaneous services for infrastructure and civil construction projects.

Hydropower is the area of our special interest and expertise.

We provide services in various areas of construction project management and engineering such as:

Construction management – Planning, scheduling and monitoring including onsite supervision and geometry control by surveying, topographic surveys and quality control services);

Surveys and Geometry Control – Topographic surveys and onsite geometry Control.

Quantity Survey and Billing – Quantity calculations, preparing bills of quantities, site survey and Measurements, Verification of bills and payments, material requirement and consumption;

Costing and Estimating – Working out costs of works, overall project costing, tender stage costing, DPR stage costing, analysis of rates for various items of works, financial analysis and review of costs;

Contract Management – Development of tender documents, bid evaluation, support for tender negotiations and finalization of contracts, monitoring contractual obligations and payments, billing, support for contractual communications and review of tender and contract document; and

Engineering – Project Conceptualization, DPR stage engineering and design, tender stage engineering and design, detailed engineering and design.

Geotechnical Survey and Investigations – Geological surveys and mapping, geotechnical investigations.